'The timeless odyssey moves on ..... Enjoy the stops in between'

This was one of the messages on the goodluck card which my colleagues gave me when I was off to Grad school. It was, btw, written by Sriram - a companion on many of the misadventures I've been a part of.

And move on I did ........

The first stop did not take too long. It was a 12 hour layover at Singapore. And what better to do than to get out of the darned (good) airport! And with Srinidhi, the first stop was the East Coast Park/Beach!!

And it is here that you realize what equatorial climate is!! At 1 deg north of the stupid line cutting the earth in two, this place is awfully hot and humid!! Phew!! Chennai would seem like a hill resort compared to this!! ;-)

An hour or so at the beach later, we left for the financial district. The high-rises, the millions of dollars being traded high above us and the typical "I was there too" photographs!!

What would a Singapore trip be without a picture with the Merlion .... so here goes .... This one with Rachit who was headed out to Stanford too ......

And while we were there, I got a good taste of the Singapore rains too ..... yea, it pours. And some timepass later, back to the airport and two long flights towards San Francisco ...... and life as a student again .......