A month into Grad school. New place, new schedules, student life - no money, 'will work for food' status, compiling list of free food on campus .... life certainly is exciting!! :-D

And the first place I visited after I got off the flight here was Denver, Colorado. Hello Rockies!!!

With a magnificent vista of the Rocky mountains, Denver got on to the list of my favourite places. But wait - I was yet to experience the amazingly fickle weather here!! The wind on the first day was so much that made the place ten degrees colder. Brrrrrrrrrrr. Day two was amazing - warm and sunny - and made you think the previous day was just an aberration. Blue skies ..... nice houses ..... picture perfect .......

And if you see that picture above, can you imagine a snow storm the next day!!! It was madness!! In the matter of a few hours, the place was buried in snow!!

And it snowed for half the day ...... and guess what ...... Bright sunshine!!!! Talk about fickle weather!!

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Lavanya said...

Wow!! This looks awesome! What I wouldn't give to go on an adventure like that up the rocky mountains! :) Must get the adrenaline pumping big time! :)