It was two months since I came to Stanford - and I hadn't travelled much. Very much unlike me - but that was Grad school. For someone from Surathkal - accustomed to studying one week per semester before the finals - relative grading and continuous evaluation were alien terms. Submitting assignments was an unknown concept. Listening to lectures in class was 'unheard' of. The glory days of KREC were long over. Hmmmph.

Anyway, it took me these two months to get settled - and find out about Stanford Outing Club! And as soon as I did find out, I registered for a hike - a climb up Mt. Rose on the Ohlone trail in the East Bay. Woohoo!

Hiking on marked trails isn't something that excites me too much. But what the heck! Atleast am outside!!

Part of the group checking out notices

Yours' truly

It was a long day - We took a diversion to watch a waterfall with no water and missed it too. (Read it again - the sentence does make sense!). And finally a call was made to split the group. Most of the group halted for lunch and snacks and the really desperate ones would go along to the peak and back in an hour. And I set off - half running and half walking - and did reach the peak. Nothing greatly exciting to write home about.

A fallen tree made a good subject for photographs

The blue sky, the (green?) grass - Don't you just love the outdoors?

The only downside to all that running downhill was that I screwed up my knee :-(
The doc had told me a few months ago that I had to rest my knee - and I thought I had ....... guess I hadn't rested it long enough!

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