I ended the previous day with a hurting knee - and what do I do? Head out for a hike the very next day!! It was crazy - yes. But that was me. Another hike with Stanford outing and what struck me this time was how different this place was from the East bay!!

While the previous day had gentle rolling hills - baked brown in the sun - and the weather warm and pleasant, this day was quite the opposite. The San Francisco fog was upon us - chilly, misty and amazing! :-)

We started the hike at Muir Woods. I generally dislike the 'parks' where you find hajaar junta and this is certainly one of those places! But, as you go farther from the 'visitor centers', you do find your peace and solitude!!

After a couple of hours of hiking, we were on the top of Mt. Tamalpais.

This place apparently offers spectacular views of the bay and stuff like that. Thanks to the fog over the city that day, we could not see much at the peak. On the way down, however, we got a few peeks at what we might get to see another day.

The best part of the hike for me was hiking through the Redwoods in the chilly weather. As the McD's tagline goes, 'I am lovin' it!'

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