Garland Ranch

This pic above is going to be the image I have of Garland Ranch! I have a mental picture of it!

At the end of a long, hard first quarter at Stanford, it was finally time for some fun!! Being PIGS (aka Poor Indian Grad Students), we didn't have any commute and so Stanford Outing it was!! This time, we headed south from Stanford and hiked at Garland Ranch park near Monterey.

And, this time, Rachit and Srinidhi were enthu enough to join me - and a great hike it was!!

The steep incline at mid-day

Stopping for lunch/ relaxing

Another of those macro pics that I like!

As with all these treks in the US so far, I don't have too much to write about - frankly because nothing much happens here. Those stories of being stranded on a sinking island or being chased by elephants in thick forests can happen only in India!! :-D

Or maybe I need to venture into the Sierra Nevada ....... or Alaska maybe? a la 'Into the Wild'?