Biking to Yelagiri

Location - Yelagiri is a quaint 'hill-station' located near Jolarpettai in TN. The best route from Bangalore is thro Hosur to Krishnagiri on NH7; take a diversion at Krishnagiri towards Chennai for about 10 kms till Baragur. At Baragur, take a right turn towards Tirupattur and continue on to Jolarpettai. From there, after 4 kms towards Vaniambady, a diversion to the right goes to Yelagiri Hills. FYI Yelagiri isnt the name of any place, the villages are Atthannavur etc etc. The range of hills is called Elagiri/Yelagiri.

Alternately, travel from Krishnagiri till Vaniambady on the NH towards Madras and take the diversion from Vaniambady towards Jolarpettai to reach the aforesaid point. This might be about 20 kms more.

The team - Amol, Apun, Vikram Hoshing, Jatin, Prakash, Shankar, Shantanu, Dheeraj, Ranjit Nair and Me!!!
Date - Dec 17,18 2k5

What to see!! -
Nuthin much to do while at Yelagiri .... You can chill out at a resort there or try to sweat it out climbing Swamimalai (the highest peak there), take a boat ride on the Punganoor lake and catch Jaladamparai waterfalls on the way back. (Jaladhamparai is located about 16 kms from Tiruppatur on road .... but there apparently is a trek route from Yelagiri to this place!)

Where to Stay - There are a few hotels where you could stay. Alternately there are a few resorts too if you are on a company outing ;-). If u like to stay close to nature, there is a YMCA campsite as well as a campsite run by DonBosco group. I would advocate the latter (04179-245268/245468).


ravirrishi Dr said...

it was nice of u to blog ur trip info-though i travel a lot somehow this yelagiri missed from my trips- ur info is good-esp the campsite ad on Donbosco- thank u keep doing these

Anonymous said...

This is good info especially with the camping sites and stuff...I have been trying to get some info bout Yelagiri but have not found anything more useful than this blog...


Sri Raga said...

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