Chapparrs in Wayanad

Chapparrs Who??

Well, This is a group of friends from Vijaya High School 1996-99 batch which means we know each other for more than ten years now!! Wow!! :-D

That indeed is a long time!! And thro these years, each one of us would have stories to tell - true ones as well as nicely made-up ones!! ;-) This is the story of our trip to Wayanad in mid-July 2006 ........ a photo capture!

P.S. - Membership is by invitation only and we stopped printing the invites quite some time ago! ;-)

Why Wayanad?

With DC and Nidhi waiting to just fly out of India for their MS, this was perhaps the last chance to get a full chapparrs trip going. And in typical unmatchable style, we exchanged hundreds of emails and finally decided that we are not going anyplace coz its either too boring or its raining or some of us have already been there!!

And then, one message changed it all. It read - "Guys, I have the solution to our problems. It is an umbrella. The solution might sound trivial, but so is the problem!!" with the typical heart wrenching stuff about how this might be the last time we are all together.
And being the kind hearted senti guys we all are, we were suckers for it!!!! And a message to everyone saying 'You are the only one who hasn't agreed yet!' sealed the case. :-D

Enuf of crap ..... lets move on

These trips have just tooo many stuff happening to be able to document it single handed. So, I'll just make the rest of it a photo-blog!!

DC, KP, Shaa, Veli, Ditty and Ranga at CCD Mysore Rd - Jul 14 2k6

At Hotel Haridagiri, Kalpetta - Jul 15 2k6

First view of the Chembra Peak near Meppadi, Wayanad

Driving thro the tea gardens of Chembra Estate
This was toooo good not to be on this blog!!! :-D

DC, Veli, Katu, Ditty, PD
Myself, Shama, Aanu, KP, Ranga and Sandy
Chapparrs (C)

Picturesque scenes from the view point in Chembra Estate

As chappar as it gets!

What we believed to be the Kanthanpaara waterfall

What actually was the Kanthanpaara Waterfall!!! :-D

The lower-section of the Meenmutty waterfall - What a trek!!!

Ranga, Shaa, Aanu, KP, Ditty, myself and Sandy -- at Meenmutty

The last waterfall for the day -- Soochipaara

Day 2 at Banasura Sagar Dam

Cloudy day at Banasura Sagar Dam

Hush-hush Click-click

Ready to climb Edakkal Peak!

Snaps at the top of Edakkal peak and those at Muthanga WLS are yet to be uploaded. If junta can send me snaps of the Bison and the Elephants we sighted on the way back, they will go up too!!! :-D

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