The Big Pine Lakes are a bunch of Nine lakes (including Summit Lake and Black lake) on the North Fork of Big Pine Creek from the Glacier Lodge Trailhead. 

It is a very popular trail that we managed to get a backpacking permit for during the busy 4th of July weekend. 
Third lake of the Seven Big Pine lakes
Trailhead map showing the Big Pine Lakes loop

First Lake

Second Lake with Temple Crag in the background

Wide angle view of Second Lake

Third Lake

Fourth Lake

Summit Lake

View of the Palisade Range - Mt Sill, Polemonium Pk, V-notch, North Palisade, Starlight, U-notch and Thunderbolt pk.

Sixth Lake

Fifth lake

Another view of the Fourth Lake

Black Lake on the loop back

View of First and Second Lakes on the way back from Black Lake

First and Second Lakes, Temple Crag and the Palisade Range as seen from the hike

One of the many wildflowers adorning the trail

Approaching Glacier Lodge on the North Fork of Big Pine Creek

A quick stop at Convict Lake on the drive back

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