Kabbaladurga is another monolith near Bangalore located about 80 kms away. It is accessible through Kanakpura (50 kms) and Sathanur (a further 20 kms). From Sathanur, a diversion to the right goes to Kabbala. (The diversion to the left goes to Muthathi and straight up is Malavalli and Shivanasamudram falls).

The village at the base is called Kabbala and the monolith is Kabbaladurga ... for the non-kannadigas, 'durga' refers to a fort. The climb is as difficult as you want it to be .... You could choose to do some climbing or choose to just amble up .....

As you would expect in a monolith, therez not much of trees to give you some shade ... though we made use of the little shade available to take some rest. The view around the hill isnt bad either .......

At the top, there is a fort with a temple and some other stuff where you could relax in the shade. Obviously, no water for drinking at the top. Though, some water was available in which a few enthusiastic climbers had a swim!!! We, however, decided to enjoy the scenary ...

Team - Murali, KP, Myself and Vidya
Date - September 25, 2k5


Barachukki is one of the two falls collectively referred to as the Shivanasamudram falls - Gaganachukki being the other one. Popularly known as Bluff, this is around 110 kms from Bangalore through Kanakpura and Malavalli. Gaganachukki is a visual treat and Barachukki beats the former hands down.

Barachukki is a series of falls spread over a few hundred meters and is a spectacle that cannot be captured in a still camera ..... Atleast 5 distinct sets of waterfalls exist next to each other and the main attraction there is a coracle ride at the base of the main falls. The oarsman spins the coracle at the base of the falls and that is an awwwwwsum experience :-)

Again, being a nature lover .... particularly of colorful sunsets, helps increase the pleasure :-)

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