What - Muthathi is a picnic spot on the banks of the Cauvery about 80 kms from Bangalore.

Where - Muthathi is accessible through Kanakpura (50 kms from Bang). Take a diversion to the left at Sathanur after Kanakpura towards Malavalli and Muthathi is 20 odd kms away.

Why - Beats me why u would want to go there unless u want to laze around in filth. OK ok ... its not that bad, but it aint great either.

We stopped on the Sathanur - Muthathi road for a long time and did quite some bit of birdwatching. Spotted a lot of butterflies too. That was worth it.

What can be done - Muthathi is close to the Cauvery wildlife sanctuary. So, after obtaining permission from the Forest office in Kanakpura, you can embark on treks inside the sanctuary and to Bheemeshwari or Sangama ....... Or else, you could explore the forest cover just before Muthathi by urself - its pretty interesting around 5 kms before the picnic spot!

Add-on - A good sunset maybe if you are a sucker for it like I am ......

Who - Vidya, Vishwas, Raghav (their cuz), Ravi and me!
When - Dec 4, 2k5


p_shetty said...

Hi, interesting blog. I am planning to go to Muthatahi soon. I had a few queries about the place and I hope you would answer my queries at the erliest:

1. How to reach Muthathi from kanakapura? Is there any sign board near satanur to take a turn towards Muthathi?

2. Just two of ue are going. So is the place safe? Is there any place to park our bike? Can we take our bike into the forest?

3. How far is the village from the river?

4. Is the place very unclean and swarmed by monkeys.

I hope you would reply and i ll be grateful if you do.

AdmirableIndia.com said...

Nice post...I will be visiting Bheemeshwari this month...


AdmirableIndia.com said...

Nice post...I will be visiting Bheemeshwari this month...


Jeet said...

I have been to Muthati Good place, also you can try river rafting during monsoon.

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